1. What areas do you manage property in?

A: We serve the  Jackson Metro area including, Madison, Hinds, and Rankin Counties.

2. When and how do you disburse payments to homeowners?

A: All rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th. This said, property owners are paid after rent is collected and cleared. We try to disburse owners draws by the 15th of each month.We offer direct deposit into your bank account or a check can be mailed to you directly.A monthly statement will be posted to the online owner portal at month end and will include all income, expenses and owner draws collected and disbursed during the month.

3. Is Trihelm Properties licensed Realtor?

A: Yes, we are licensed Realtor in the state of Mississippi. We are members of the Central MS Association of Realtors, Mississippi Association of Realtors, and National Association of Realtors. We are also members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

4. Do you handle all tenant complaints and maintenance calls?

A: Yes, we handle all issues and maintenance calls with the tenants.

5. How will you notify me of a maintenance expenses?

A: .We do require a reserve with each property, however, this is not a charge. It is like a minimum balance on a checking or savings account and is accounted for every month. We have to keep some money in the account after we send you the rent each month. That way we can pay for a repair if one is needed between disbursement and the next rent payment. If you terminate service, the balance of the reserve comes right back to you.

6. Do you have a pet policy for properties?

A: We typically leave this up to the individual homeowner. However, we recommend a $500 non refundable pet fee. We also require to meet the prospective tenants pet. We also inspect twice a year homes that have pets. 

7. How do you screen and select tenants?

A: “Bad” tenants cost everyone money.  We are a web based property management company. The tenants must complete an application online before any showings of the property. We verify employment, income, and rental history.

8. Do cities require rental inspections for rental property?

A: Yes, some metro area cities do require inspections for rental property. We coordinate with the city a time for the inspection. The rental inspections fees range from $50-$200, depending on the location of your property. If any repairs are required by the city, we coordinate with our contractors.